Set up a Shortcut to the Installation Customization Tool

The Installation Customization Tool is designed to be opened from a command line. However, you can create a desktop shortcut that opens this tool. This will save time when you are working with the tool.

NOTE:To start the Installation Customization Tool from a command line, change to the administrative installation point and enter:

<path_to_setup> \setup.exe /admin

To create a shortcut that opens the Installation Customization Tool

  1. On your administrative installation point, right-click the setup.exe file, and choose Create Shortcut.

  2. Right-click the shortcut and choose Properties.

  3. In the Targetbox, add the /admin option to the end of the command line. For example:

    \\ myServer\adminInstallPoint \setup.exe /admin

    CAUTION:Make sure that the path in the Targetbox conforms to the Uniform Naming Convention (UNC) format and does not include drive letters. Drive letters can cause problems if you try to use the shortcut on other workstations.

  4. Rename the shortcut and save it on the desktops of your workstation and the server you use for your administrative installation point.

  5. To start the Installation Customization Tool, double-click the shortcut, and then in the Select Customizationdialog box, choose which mode you want to open.