7.3 Publish with Active Directory

To assign and publish your product installation using Microsoft Active Directory, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Windows Administrative Tools are installed on your workstation.

  • You are a member of Domain Admins and Group Policy Creators and Owners. (This is required to publish software.)

For more information, see "Active Directory groups" in the Microsoft Management Console help.

To install with Active Directory

  1. From the Active Directory User and Computers Console, advertise your product installation to members of any organizational units in your Active Directory using appropriate transform modifications.

  2. If multiple transforms are specified, make sure that the listed order of the transforms is correct, and click OK. (If you need to change the order for any reason after you click OK, you will have to start over again.)

    NOTE:For more information about assigning and publishing, see "assigning applications" and "publishing applications" in the Microsoft Management Console help.