3.7.6 Changes in State Events

Changes in session state include connecting and disconnecting, screen changes, completion of a file transfer, and entering or exiting a terminal block mode.

This example shows the Events Mapper settings you would use to run a file transfer macro at the end of the day, disconnect from the host after the file transfer is complete, and then shut down the workspace. To do this, it uses the At a specific time of day event, set to execute a macro that transfers the file. Next, the When a file transfer has finished event is set to execute the Close action to close the session. Finally, the same type of event, When a file transfer has finished, is set to execute the Exit action that closes the workspace.

The Events list settings for this sequence are shown below:




Run file transfer macro

When the time of day is 5:00:00 PM

Run Reflection Workspace Macro (Module1.TransferFile, local_proj, False, )

Close the session

When file transfer is done


Exit the workspace

When file transfer is done


NOTE:You can use two or more of the same events in a sequence just we did in this example; this requires only that they be enabled, and ordered correctly in the Events list.