Authenticate to the Host

After you configure the Kerberos client, you can authenticate to the host.

NOTE:If the Challenge/Responsedialog box opens during authentication, your KDC host requires hardware pre-authentication. Hardware pre-authentication involves a physical token, typically the size of a credit card with a touchpad and LCD display, which generates random passwords. Use your pre-authentication hardware token to enter the correct response, and then click OK.

To authenticate using Kerberos Manager

  1. Start Kerberos Manager.

  2. Click the tab corresponding with the principal profile you want to use for authentication.

    If the principal profile you want to use is hidden, you must open it.

  3. Click the Authenticate button.

  4. Modify the ticket features, if desired, and then click OK to continue.

  5. Type the password, and then click OK.

    If authentication is successful, a ticket-granting ticket appears in the Kerberos Manager main window. If authentication is not successful, Kerberos Manager returns an error.

To authenticate using a kerberized application

  1. Configure the kerberized application to use Kerberos security.

    When you connect to the host, you are prompted for your Kerberos password.

  2. Type the password, and then click OK.

    If authentication was successful, the host prompt appears and a key or padlock icon may appear on the status bar. If the authentication was not successful, an error message appears.