3.6.1 Run a Macro

You can run VBA macros created in Reflection, and most macros created with legacy Reflection and EXTRA! products. You can also run the majority of macros created with the Micro Focus Rumba, IBM Personal Communications, OpenText HostExplorer, and Brandon Systems\Jolly Giant QWS3270 products. However, you can only run macros in trusted locations.

Several macro-related actions (such as, Run a Reflection Workspace Macro) are available from the Select Action dialog box.

You can also run a macro by mapping an action to a control. For more information, see Add a Button to Run a Macro.

To run a macro

  1. From the Run Macro dialog box, select the macro you want to run.

    NOTE:Legacy macro options are available only if compatibility features are installed. In addition, to run legacy Reflection and EXTRA! macros from external files, you must specify, from theSet Up API and Macro Security dialog box, the type of legacy macro you want to run.

    Reflection Workspace Macro

    Shows macros in the active session document. Select to run macros created in Reflection or 2007 (SP1) documents.

    To run a macro in the Common project and other documents, select the <All Standard> option from the Macros in menu:

    Legacy Reflection Macro in This File

    Select to run legacy macros in the active document. These macros include legacy settings files (.rsf, .r2w, or .r4w), and in Reflection, session documents (.rd3x, .rd5x, .rdox) that were previously converted from settings files.

    Legacy Reflection Macro in Another File

    Select to specify and run a macro in a SharedMacro file (.rma) or a settings file (.rsf, .r2w, or .r4w).

    Legacy RB Macro

    Select to specify and run a Reflection Basic macro (.rbs).

    Legacy RCL Script

    Select to specify and run a legacy RCL script. Available only for use in VT session documents.

    Legacy EXTRA! Macro

    Select to specify and run an EXTRA! macro file (.ebm).

    Rumba Macro

    Select to specify and run a Micro Focus Rumba macro file (.rmc).

    QWS Macro

    Select to specify and run a Brandon Systems\Jolly Giant QWS3270 macro file (.jgs).

    IBM Personal Communications Macro

    Select to specify and run an IBM Personal Communications macro file (.mac).

  2. If you can’t find a Workspace macro, select Set Up VBA References in the Settings window to open the Add VBA Reference macro dialog box and then check the list for missing references (indicated by the button). After you correct the problem (usually a missing file or a disconnected network drive), close and reopen your session.