Permissions Manager Items: Security\TLS

Item Name


UI Description

Clear command channel (FTP)


Specify for the FTP Client to send a CCC command to the host that turns off encryption for the command channel only (if the host supports this option).

Connect through NAT Server (FTP)


Specify for the FTP Client to ignore IP addresses in FTP commands returned from the server.

Encrypt data stream (FTP)


Encrypt all communication between your computer and the FTP server when the FTP client is configured to use SSL/TLS encryption. When unselected, the FTP command channel (which is used for all FTP commands, including your user name and password) is encrypted. However, the data is not encrypted.

Encryption Strength


Specify the desired level of encryption for SSL/TLS connections.

Implicit SSL/TLS Connection


Connect to servers that are not configured to send the STARTTLS command. To connect to servers that are configured to send this command, unselect this option.

Run in FIPS Mode


Perform all connections using security protocols and algorithms that meet FIPS 140-2 standards. In this mode, some standard connection options are not available.

Security proxy port


Select the proxy server port from the drop-down list.

Security proxy server


Select the proxy server name from the drop-down list, which shows available servers.

SSL/TLS version


Specify which SSL or TLS version to use.

Use Security proxy


Configure this session to use the Security Proxy for the server connection.

Use SSL/TLS security


Enable SSL/TLS connections.

NOTE:The Retrieve and validate certificate chain setting is available on the Security/PKI group