3.5.4 Create a Custom Context Menu

You can create custom context menus for legacy hot lists or for other types of frequently used commands. After you create a custom context menu, you can map a mouse action to open the new menu.

  1. At the top of the Context Menudialog box, click Addand enter the name of your context menu.

  2. Add the menu items and separators for your new menu.

  3. Under Menu Itemsettings, enter the label and select an action for each item.

  4. Click OKto save the new menu.

Next, you'll want to make a right-click open the new custom context menu instead of the default.

  1. Under Mouse Mapper, for Key Combination, select Rightand then click Modify.

  2. From the list of actions, select Show Specific Context Menu.

  3. On the right, from the Context Menu, choose the name of the new custom context menu.