10.9.1 The FTP Command Window

The FTP Client command window shows the data sent to and from the server and also includes the FTP Command line, which you can use to enter FTP or SFTP commands. Use View>Command Window to show or hide the command window.

An identifying color is assigned to each type of client/server communication that displays in the window. For example, if you are using the Windows default color scheme:

Color of text



A command status message received from the server (command status messages are the server's responses to FTP or SFTP commands issued by the client)

royal blue

A Reflection FTP or SFTP command entered at the FTP command line

dark blue

A data channel response from the server, generally a file listing. After a connection is made, this color is also used to display the presumed server type.


A client FTP or SFTP command that the FTP Client is sending to the server


An error message


  • If the window background for your current Windows color scheme is set to blue, green, black, or red, the client changes the identifying colors used in the datacomm display window to ensure that text is visible against the window background. The display color for messages received from the server defaults to the color of window text in your current Windows color scheme.

  • If you are connected to two sites in the same FTP Client window, you can use the command line to view communication between the client and the server, but you cannot enter commands. Commands sent to and from the second server are preceded by this identifier: [Server 2]. If there is more than one line of output (such as directory listings and multi-line banners), only the first line has this identifier.