10.6.2 Working with Local Folders

To work with items on the local PC, use the left pane of the FTP Client. You can browse disk drives on your computer or local network, create new folders, and do other directory management tasks within the FTP Client. Commands on the File and Edit menus, and most buttons on the toolbar, apply to folders and files in the currently active pane.

New folders can be added from the Filemenu, context menu (right-click), or toolbar. Use the context menu to create shortcuts to folders.

To view the local directory structure, use the Go to a different folder list box in the upper left corner of the main window. To see how the current folder fits in the hierarchy on your computer, click the down arrow in the list box. The Toolsmenu and toolbar provide access to the Up One Level command. Also, you can navigate directly to a folder using the Go to command.

To navigate directly to a local folder

  1. From the Tools menu, choose Go to.

  2. Type the name of the directory you want to open.

    For example: J:\Payroll\July.

  3. Select Local Computer to indicate that the folder is available on your PC.

NOTE:You can enter UNC (Universal Naming Convention) names for directory paths. There is a 47-character limit for UNC names, and each name can contain any character, both uppercase or lowercase, except the following: ? " / | < > * :

The syntax of a UNC name is as follows: