Syntax: open [<servername> [<username> [<password> [<account>]]]]

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The OPEN command connects to the FTP server and attempts to log in using the server name, username, and password specified. For case-sensitive servers, be sure to use the appropriate case when typing parameter values. If no parameters are specified with the OPENcommand, the user is prompted for login information.

When only one parameter is present, it must be <servername>. If you add a second parameter it must be <username>. If you use three parameters, the third must be <password>.

NOTE:If you use a passthrough server to log into FTP servers, use the PASSTHRU command to open a server connection.


Specifies a server. This can be an IP address, a URL, or a name from a Hosts file.


Specifies a valid username registered on the current FTP server. When opening an anonymous connection, the username is usually "anonymous."


Specifies the password assigned to user<username>. Most anonymous FTP servers expect you to supply your e-mail address as the password.


Specifies an account that user <username> has rights to access. Typically, anonymous FTP servers do not request an account, so this parameter can be omitted.

When an OPEN command that includes an <account> parameter is executed, the account name is not sent to the server unless the server specifically prompts for an account during the login. If your server requires an account name, but doesn't request that name during the login process, use the ACCOUNT command to explicitly tell the server which account you want to use.


This command opens an anonymous connection to the FTP server, supplying an e-mail address for the password:

OPEN anonymous

The following command opens a connection to the Headquarters FTP server for user Jackie. A password parameter wasn't specified, so the user will be prompted to enter a password during the login process.

OPEN Headquarters Jackie