Batch Tab (Transfer Dialog Box)

From the Batch tab, you can save file transfers for future use. Reflection saves batch transfers to transfer request files, and automatically adds successful transfers to the Transfer list on the Batch tab. You can also add file transfers using the Batch wizard.


Perform all of the selected transfers in the list, starting at the top.


Use the Batch wizard to add items to the list.


Delete the selected transfer.


Use the Batch wizard to view or modify the selected transfer. Changes you make using the Batch wizard affect the currently selected transfer only.

Move up

Move the selected item in the list.

Move down

Move the selected item in the list.


Use the Open Transfer Request File dialog box to import transfers from an existing file.

NOTE:Opening a transfer request file will replace any items currently in your list of transfers. Use the Add button to append additional items and keep the items in your current list.


Save the items in your transfer list to a transfer request file.