11.1 Deploy with the Reflection Setup program

The Reflection Setup program ( setup.exe) is the recommended tool for installing and deploying Reflection.

Setup.exe has a command-line interface that you can run from a command line, a batch file, or a deployment tool. You can type command-line options to set installation parameters and limit user interaction as Reflection is installing, or use command-line options to prepare Reflection for installation by users. Command-line installations may have additional System Requirements.

To see a list of available command-line parameters, type:

setup.exe /?

To install a companion installer package with the Setup program, add it to a transform and then apply that transform to setup.exe. This "chains" the companion installer package to the main installation. You can set the package to deploy before or after the main installation.

The following procedures show command-line options commonly used for deployment, including switches for silent installations.

To deploy Reflection “out-of-the-box”

Use this command to deploy Reflection with default settings.

  • At a command prompt on a test workstation, enter:

    path_to_administrative_installation_point \setup.exe /install

To perform a silent installation

  • At a command prompt, change to the directory in which the setup.exe file resides and do one of the following:

    To perform


    A silent install that displays a progress bar and disables the Cancel button

    setup.exe /install /passive

    A silent install with no display

    setup.exe /install /quiet

To deploy Reflection and a transform

  • At a command prompt, enter:

    path_to_administrative_installation_point \setup.exe /install TRANSFORMS= myCustomInstall .mst

    NOTE:You can also set up the Reflection Setup program to deploy a transform automatically. See Add (Chain) Installations and Run Programs.