5.0 Terminal Sessions

The document for a terminal session contains configuration settings for host-specific information. It also includes pointers to other files that are used to control the appearance of the session, such as the theme file, and to files that control input and text handling, such as the keyboard map file and the Ribbon file.

Terminal sessions are preconfigured to use built-in Ribbon, theme, keyboard map, and mouse map files. If you choose, you can create custom versions of these files to modify the appearance and capabilities of each session.

CAUTION:If you specify a custom file for a session, be sure to maintain the same file name and file path (relative to the session document file) when you deploy the files. If Reflection cannot find the custom file when it starts a session, it prompts to use a built-in file.

NOTE:You must have a session open to configure it.

Access individual settings pages from specific buttons on the Ribbon. Or, click the Document Settings button from the Quick Access Toolbar to select settings pages from a list of links.

Settings pages open in a separate window that includes:

  • The address path, which you can select with the click of a mouse

  • Related Topics links in a pane on the left

  • Back and Forward buttons, for navigation between settings pages you've visited