5.15.2 Perform an Event Trace (VT)

Your Technical Support analyst may ask you to perform an event trace. An event trace "captures" all communications activity (except for modem commands), and all keystrokes, commands, and menu and dialog box selections. This data is saved in an event file.

To use the trace data, you will need to process it to create a report of the data or to create a file that "plays" the trace.

To perform an event trace

  1. In the Start Trace dialog box, enter a path and file name for the event ( .rev) file and click Save. (If you have spoken with a support technician, use your service request number as the name of your trace file.)

  2. Perform the actions required to demonstrate the problem.

  3. After the problem is demonstrated, click Stop Trace in the Tracing group (if using the Ribbon) or on the Tools, Trace menu (if using the Browser).

    The trace data is saved in the event file.

  4. Upload the trace file as a binary file to http://upload.attachmate.com. If the problem relates to a service request you are currently working on with a technician, include the Micro Focus service request number with the trace and let the technician know when the file is uploaded.

To process trace data

After creating the event file, follow these steps to create a report or a script that "plays" the trace.

  1. Select how to process the trace:


    Do this...

    Create a Reflection Basic script that you can use to play the trace.

    Select Generate script.

    Create a report in a text-based file format.

    Select Generate report and then select options to format the report under Report format. (See Process Event Trace Dialog Box (VT Sessions.)

  2. Click OK. The Open Events dialog box appears.

  3. In the File name box, select the event file to process, and click Open.

    • If you selected Generate script, the Save Event Commands dialog box opens.

    • If you selected Generate report, the Save Event Report dialog box opens.

  4. Enter the file name and click Save.

    Scripts are saved as Reflection Basic .rbs files.

    Reports are saved in .txt files. The report is automatically displayed after it is saved.

To play trace data

  1. In the Play Trace dialog box, select an event trace .rbs file and click Open.