5.12.4 Select Terminal Type Dialog Box

Terminal Type

Terminal Type

Select the terminal to emulate. This specifies the codes generated by the numeric keypad, the interpretation of control functions, and the response to terminal identification requests. (Values under Terminal automatically reset when you choose a terminal type.)


Support graphics

Select to support the Tektronix 401x terminal type or the Remote Graphics Instruction Set (ReGIS) by DEC. REGIS includes the following features:

  • Up to 16 colors

  • Shading with selected patterns and polygon fill

  • Rubberband cursors

  • Rotated and italicized characters

  • Mouse support

  • A scaled graphic showing the complete ReGIS screen (800x480 pixels) on the physical display

Terminal Settings

Terminal Setup

Set values specific to the type of terminal you are emulating. Changing the Terminal type resets all associated settings (that is, any setting from the Terminal Setup dialog box or the Advanced Options dialog box).