Save a Batch Transfer

Using batch transfers, you can save a series of transfer operations to a single transfer request file. You can use this file later to repeat the same set of transfers.

NOTE:When you add an item to a batch, all aspects of the file transfer configuration are saved independently for each item, including file names, transfer direction, SQL query information, and any other transfer settings you have configured.

To create a batch transfer request file

  1. Click the Settings button, and configure the file transfer settings.

    NOTE:If your terminal session is an IBM 3270 session, you can transfer files only to or from the host that your session is connected to. If your terminal session is an IBM 5250 session, you can transfer files to or from other hosts.

  2. Perform the series of transfers that you want to save to the batch.

    Successful transfers are automatically added to the batch list on the Batch tab.

    NOTE:If you prefer to configure transfers to be saved without actually transferring data, you can use the Batch wizard to add transfers to the batch list.

  3. Click the Batch tab.

    You can use this tab to modify individual items on the list, to add or delete items, and to change the order in which transfers occur when you run the saved file.

  4. Click Save.

  5. In the File name box, type a filename.

  6. Click Save.