Use File Transfer Naming Templates

A file transfer template defines a set of conditions that affects how Reflection names files transferred between your PC and a host. Whereas transfer request files are used to transfer the same file or set of files between your PC and a host, file transfer templates affect how files transferred between your PC and a host are named.

When activated, Reflection checks transfer templates in the specified order, and tries to match the transferring filename to template conditions. When a match is found, the matching template is applied.

Reflection installs some default templates, but you can also add your own, and specify the sort order (using the Move up and Move down buttons).

To activate file transfer templates

  1. Connect and log on to the mainframe.

    The File Transfer button on the ribbon (or the Transfer File menu item if you are using Classic interface mode) is available only after you connect.

  2. On the Protocol tab, select Mainframe and then select the Templates tab.

  3. Select Activate transfer templates.

  4. Click OK.