9.0 File and Data Transfer

Reflection supports the following methods for transferring information between your Windows computer and a host computer:

For IBM hosts:

  • Mainframe file transfer is supported in 3270 sessions.

  • AS/400 data transfer is supported in 5250 sessions.

  • FTP file transfer is supported in both 3270 and 5250 sessions.

For VT hosts:

  • A Reflection proprietary protocol, which you can use to transfer files between your PC and an HP 3000 (including Classic, MPE/iX, and POSIX), VMS (including OpenVMS and Alpha computers), ULTRIX, Unisys, Linux Console or UNIX system.

  • A variety of public domain protocols, including FTP.

Reflection also includes a separate, fully featured FTP client application available from any host session or from the Windows Start menu.