Reflection .NET API
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    Programming Concepts
    In This Topic

    These walkthroughs show how to put some of the Reflection API elements together.  

    API Architecture Overview Describes the major types and provides high level diagrams of the Reflection architecture.
    Namespaces Describes the namespaces included with the Reflection API.
    Getting Terminal Controls and Views Shows ways to get and create the terminal controls required for Reflection sessions and the view objects required to display the sessions.
    Load Themes in the Terminal User ControlHandling Host Timing and Screen Redraw Issues Shows how to accommodate potential delays from wait-dependent operations (such as connecting or sending a key).
    Load Themes in the Terminal User ControlNavigating Sessions Shows how to navigate and handle branching, and how to find and go to specific screen locations.
    Load Themes in the Terminal User ControlHandling Events Reviews the Reflection API events. Events are an integral part of the API, and provide an asynchronous way to handle state changes in Reflection, such as keyboard input and host actions.