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    Install The API
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    You can install the Reflection .NET Application Programmer Interface (API) with Reflection. You can also access the .NET API Help from within the Visual Studio Help.

    Note: You can successfully install and run Reflection and the API on a 64-bit operating system.


    The API supports the C#.NET, VB.NET, and C++.NET programming languages. To use this guide, you need a working knowledge of at least one of these programming languages. General knowledge of host applications is helpful, but not essential.

    The following software must be installed:

    To install the API with Reflection

    Note: To make sure that the API class library assembly files are integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio, confirm that Visual Studio is installed before you install Reflection.
    1. Run the Reflection installer.
    2. On the Feature Selection tab, expand Reflection Workspace, and then expand Emulation.
    3. Click the down arrow to the left of Application Programmer Interface and select the following:

       Feature will be installed on local hard drive.

    4. Click Continue, and then complete the installation.              

    Set up the API Help

    If you install Micro Focus with the Application Programmer Interface feature selected on a system that has Visual Studio, the Help is automatically merged with the Visual Studio Help. You can access the Reflection Help directly from the Microsoft Help viewer or by selecting an API element in your code and pressing F1.

    If you install Visual Studio after you install Reflection, you will need to merge the Reflection Help with Visual Studio.

    If you cannot access the Help

    To merge the Reflection Help with Visual Studio

    1. On the Start menu, right click on Visual Studio and select Run as Administrator.
    2. On the Visual Studio Help menu, choose Manage Help Settings or Add and Remove Help Content.
    3. In the Help Library Manager, select to install the content from Disk and browse to the .msha file in the following folder:

      ...\Program Files\Micro Focus\Reflection\apiHelp\

    4. Select Add and then click Update and accept the Micro Focus certificate.