Reflection .NET API
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    In This Topic

    These walkthroughs show how to accomplish typical goals with the Reflection API.

    Use the Terminal User Control
    Embed Terminal User Controls Embed the Terminal User Control in your Windows Form applications
    Set up the WPF Terminal User Control Embed the Reflection Terminal User Control in your Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications.
    Load Themes in the Terminal User Control Load themes in the Reflection Terminal User Control at runtime. This allows you to show which control has focus when you are using multiple controls.
    Customize the User Interface
    Dynamically Change the User Interface Show or hide controls on the user interface to provide a customized user experience.
    Set Workspace Size and Position Resize the workspace and change its screen position.
    Define Hotspots Define and set custom hotspots (virtual buttons that appear over text in terminal sessions).
    Define Context Menus Create customized context menus to replace the default menu for the entire session or only on selected screens.
    Retrieve and Enter Data
    Screen Scrape Data Get data from a screen line by line and save it in a comma separated value (CSV) file.
    Get Data With a Visual Studio Office App Create a Microsoft Office application that has controls to get data from a Reflection host application and enter it in a spreadsheet.
    Enter Data With a Visual Studio Office App Create a Microsoft Office application that has controls to enter data from a spreadsheet into a Reflection host application.
    Get Text from a Web Page Get text from a Web page that is open in Reflection.
    Log User Input  or Access to Credit Card Numbers
    Monitor Credit Card Access Log access to unredacted credit card numbers.
    Log User Input Log text and commands entered by users.
    Save Screens As Text Or Images Save screens along with the user input on the screens accessed by users as text or as screen images.
    Set up Secure Connections
    Convert from Telnet to SSL/TLS Convert sessions from Telnet to SSL/TLS when they are opened.
    Set up SSH Connection Connect with SSH.
    Run VBA Macro Open a session and run a Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macro in the session.
    Work With Multiple Sessions Get handles to multiple sessions running in a frame (instance of Reflection).
    Control Multiple Reflection Workspaces Create multiple instances of Reflection and reference each instance by name.
    Transfer Files Transfer files using a mainframe file transfer.