5.6.7 Configure Alternate Input Device Dialog Box (6530)

This dialog box is used to set up an Alternate Input Device, which is usually a bar code scanner but can be any device that sends ACSII data to a field on the 6530 screen.

Alternate Input Device Configuration

Use alternate input device

Check this box to enable the Alternate Input Device.

Communications Settings

Async port

This item specifies the serial port to be used for the Alternate Input Device connection.

Data bits

This item specifies the number of data bits in each character.

Baud rate

This item specifies the speed the serial port operates at.

Stop bits

This item specifies the number of stop bits added to each character.


This item specifies the type of parity bit added to each character.

Device Settings

Enable audible alert

This item specifies whether the bell sounds after a successful read of the Alternate Input Device (AID).

Termination character

This item specifies the terminating character that the 6530 emulation expects to see at the end of the transmission from the AID. The AID device must be configurable to send one of these characters at the end of its transmission for proper operation.

Read completion action

This item specifies the action to take after a successful AID read. Valid choices are None, TAB, ENTER, or any NonStop function key.