10.9.4 FTP and SFTP Command Syntax

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Case is not important for commands and keywords entered at the FTP command line. Depending on your FTP server computer, however, passwords, directory names, filenames, and other server-specific information may be case sensitive.

The FTP Client accepts abbreviated versions of commands, requiring that you type only as much of the command keyword as is necessary to make it unique. For example, the GET command can be abbreviated to G; to get the server file jokes.old you could enter g jokes.oldat the FTP command line.

In the command references in this guide, the following conventions apply:

  • When parameters are enclosed in angle brackets, they represent a string that must be added to complete the command. For example, <clientfile>means you must give a complete path to clearly reference a particular file. Do not include the brackets when entering the parameter.

  • A vertical bar separates mutually exclusive options. For example, <servername> | <ip address> means you may use either of the options, but not both.

  • Parameters enclosed in square brackets indicate optional components of a command; that is, any information contained within a pair of such brackets can, but need not, be included in the command. For example, the following indicates that the LCD command can be used with or without a PC directory:

    lcd [<pc directory>]