lrename <pc filename> <new filename>

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The LRENAMEcommand changes the name of a local file to the new name specified.

<pc filename>

Specifies the name of the PC file you want to rename. The specification can include the PC drive and folder where the file is located. If the file location or name contains spaces, the specification must be enclosed with quotation marks. For example: "D:\To do\Monthly tasks".

<new filename>

Specifies the name you want to give the file. If the file to be renamed does not exist on the active local drive and folder, you must include the location in the <new filename> specification. Use quotation marks if the file or path includes spaces. For example, "D:\To do\Work assignments".


From the current folder on the C drive , this command renames a file in the folder "Archive" on the D drive, changing the name from "Stories.txt" to "Fairy tales":

LRENAME D:\Archive\Stories.txt "D:\Archive\Fairy tales"