Syntax: reget <serverfile> [to] [<clientfile>]

FTP Command Index

The REGETcommand directs the FTP Client to automatically resume an incomplete file transfer from the FTP server to the PC. The Client automatically completes the file transfer from the point at which the download was interrupted.

If the Client does not find a partial file locally, it performs a GET to do a complete transfer of the specified server file. If the local folder already contains a file with the same name as the file being transferred, the local file is overwritten.

NOTE:The REGETcommand works only for BINARY file transfers. Before using the REGETcommand, if necessary, use the BINARY command to override the default file transfer method setting specified on the Tools menu.


Specifies the name of the server file to transfer to the PC.

to <clientfile>

Specifies the name of the PC file to be created.

For most REGEToperations, you can omit this option. When this option is omitted, the client file receives the same name as the server file.

If the interrupted file transfer specified that the downloaded file be given a new name on the PC, be sure to use that name as the <clientfile> specification. This ensures that the Client can find the partial local file and successfully resume the transfer.

The TO keyword is optional.