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Permissions Manager Items in TN3270 Advanced

TN3270 Advanced

Item Name Sub-group UI Description
AssociatedPrinterSession The associated 3270 printer session filename.
AssociatePrinterBy TN3270 Enhanced Protocol The associated 3270 printer session, or Association string.
AsyncTransportEnabled Revert to polling mode for host interactions. This is mainly used for diagnostic purposes.
AttentionKey TN3270-specific Treat ATTN key as TelnetAbortOutput, TelnetBreak, or TelnetIntProcess.
AutoReconnect Reconnect after a disconnection that is not initiated by Reflection.
BackSpaceKeyAsDelete Treat Backspace key as Delete key.
BeforeConnectStartupMacro Run a macro or other action before the initial connection.
ConnectMacro Connection Action Run a macro or other action after the initial connection.
ConnectMacroData The name of a macro that is run automatically after a connection is established.
ConnectScript The Reflection script that runs automatically after a connection is established.
ConnectScriptArguments The parameter string to pass to the connect script after a connection is established.
DBCSUnmappedChar Allow user to choose how to translate double-byte host characters that are not available in the Shift-JIS double-byte character translation table.
EnableAssociatedPrinter Enable the associated printer. (See AssociatePrinterBy, AssociatedPrinterSession, and TNAssociation.)
ExpressLogonFeature AppID Security The application ID to use for Express Logon Feature (ELF) support.
FileSystem Allow users to specify whether to use the ANSI character set or the ASCII character set for ASCII transfers from the host.
HLLAPILongName HLLAPI Options The HLLAPI application associated with a particular session.
HLLAPIShortName HLLAPI Options An identifier that a HLLAPI application uses to link to a session.
HLLAPIStyle HLLAPI Options The HLLAPI configuration. This can be a numeric value or a predefined constant.
KeepAlive Misc. Periodically poll the host to determine if Telnet connections remain active during intervals when you are not sending data to the host.
KeepAliveTimeout Misc. The interval, measured in seconds, between keep alive requests sent by Reflection.
ReuseMSSNAPoolName Allow users to choose how to handle MS SNA pool names. When unselected (the default), administrators must assign the pool to each user for the number of connections the user needs. When selected, administrators can assign the pool once to each user.
RunMacroAtReconnect Connection Action Run macro when reconnecting.
SameModel TN3270-specific Specify to use the same model for primary and alternate screens.
SecurityDialog Open the Security Properties dialog box to set up secure data communications with SOCKS or SSL/TLS.
Support3270Partitions Send partition-related information from the terminal to the host in response to a host query request.
SysReqKey TN3270-specific Specifies what happens when you transmit the SysReq function. The definition of this key varies by host application.
TelnetLocation Misc. The location where the connection originated. This can also be used to provide informational messages to the host from the PC.
TelnetResponseMode TN3270Advanced Return a message to the host from the PC after each message sent by the host.
TNAssociation A 3270 terminal session on the host. Use this to associate a 3270 terminal session with a specific 3270 printer session.
UserDataDirectory The folder where user-created files, like settings files and trace files, are saved by default.