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Permissions Manager Items in 3270 Printer Connection Advanced


These items are found in the Configure Connection Settings Dialog Box for 3270 Printer Sessions and the Advanced 3270 Telnet Extended Dialog Box for Printer Sessions.

Item User interface Description
AutoReconnect When connection is terminated
Determines the how terminated connections are handled.
KeepAlive Send Keep Alive Packets
Provides a constant check between your session and the host so that you become aware of connection problems as they occur.
KeepAliveTimeout Keep Alive timeout
Specifies the interval between the keep-alive requests.
TelnetLocation Telnet location
Allows you to add descriptive text to provide information about your session.
TelnetResponseMode Response mode
Sends a response from the PC each time a message is received from the host.
TelnetTerminalID Model ID
3270 printer sessions emulate IBM 3287 printers.