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IBM 5250 Printer Panel

Reflection 5250 printer sessions emulate IBM 3812 printers. Data sent from the host to the printer session is passed on to the local printer.

The following items appear on the 5250 printer Session tab.

Printer Control

Setting Description
Hold/Enable Click Hold to stop sending data to the printer. The word Hold appears in the Status box and the Hold button becomes the Enable button. While the printer is on hold, the Reset and Flush buttons become available. To cancel a hold, click Enable.
Cancel Send a Cancel Print message to the host. Cancelled is displayed in the Status box.
Reset Clear an error or cancel a condition. After a reset, printing continues (any hold is terminated and the status message becomes Printing.)
Flush Force any pending printer output to the printer. If you're printing to a file, this action forces data to the file, and then closes the file.

Forms Control

Setting Description
Form feed Advance the paper in the printer to the top of the next page. This button is available only when the printer is on hold.
Line feed Advance the paper in the printer one line. This button is available only when the printer is on hold.

Additional Items

Setting Description
Status Displays printer status messages.
Test page Print a test page. If you are connected, click Hold first. If no errors are detected, the printer goes back online automatically after the test.
Host dialog box launcher Open the Printer Session Setup dialog box, from which you can configure host-related printing options.
Printer control dialog box launcher Display information about your current printer configuration and font selection.

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