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Status Messages for 5250 Printer Sessions

Printer messages that appear in the Status box are color-coded:

  • Green indicates that the printer session is online.

  • Yellow indicates that the printer session is offline.

  • Red indicates an error condition.

The messages that can appear in the Status box (and their respective colors) are:

Message Meaning Color
Bell The Bell data stream control was received. Green
Cancelled The pending print job (if any) has been cancelled. Yellow
Connected Indicates the session is connected, but the host is not yet ready to send print data. Yellow
Disconnected No host connection. Yellow
Error An unknown error has occurred. Red
Exception nn A data stream formatting error has been encountered; nn is the exception code. Red
Hold The printer is offline. Yellow
Host Link Down The link between the gateway and the host has been lost. Yellow
Printer Error An error has occurred in writing to the printer. Red
Printing The printer is printing. Green
Ready The printer is ready to print. Green

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