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Permissions Manager Items in 5250 Printer Connection Advanced

TN5250 Printer Document\Connection\Advanced

These items are found in the Configure Connection Settings Dialog Box for 5250 Printer Sessions.

Item User interface Description
AutoReconnect Reconnect automatically
Attempts to reestablish the connection when the connection is terminated.
KeepAlive Send Keep Alive Packets
Provides a constant check between your session and the host so that you become aware of connection problems as they occur.
KeepAliveTimeout Keep Alive timeout
Specifies the interval between the keep-alive requests.
MessageLibrary Message library
Specifies the e library that contains the message queue for exception messages. Consult your system administrator before changing this value.
MessageQueue Message queue
Specifies the message queue to which exception messages should be sent. For example, the IBM System i may need to tell the printer to switch to another paper tray.
PrintDeviceEnvelopeSrc Envelope source
Specifies the envelope source on the host printer.
PrintDeviceFontId Font typestyle ID
Specifies the default font typestyle to use for printing.
PrintDeviceFormsMode Forms mode
Specifies how forms are fed into the printer.
PrintDevicePaperSrc1 Paper source 1
Specifies the primary paper source on the host printer.
PrintDevicePaperSrc2 Paper source 2
Specifies the secondary paper source on the host printer.
PrintDeviceWscstLibrary Library
Specifies the location of the WSCST object.
PrintDeviceWscstName Name
Specifies the name of a workstation customizing (WSCST) object that gives the IBM System i information about the functions supported by your ASCII printer.
PrintMfrType Manufacturer type
Specifies the printer manufacturer type and model.
PrintTransform Host print transform
Specifies the the manufacturer type and model, the paper sources, and the envelope source on your IBM System i print device.
TelnetLocation Telnet location
Allows you to add descriptive text that provides information about your session. For example, you might include your PC's location, computer name, or IP address.