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Permissions Manager Items in 5250 Printer Terminal Configuration

TN5250 Printer Document\Terminal\Configuration

These settings are available in the Configure Printer Settings Dialog Box for 5250 Printer Sessions.

Item User interface Description
BypassWindowsTransparent Bypass Windows print driver in transparent mode
Disables Windows handling of fonts, font size, font style, and lines-per-inch configuration while in Transparent mode.
FontMapperDialog Font Mapper (button)
Opens the Fonts dialog box, from which you can map your local printer fonts to typestyle IDs used by a host.
HostPrintTimeout Host print timeout for flushing
Specifies the number of seconds to wait after the host stops sending data to a printer session before forcing all pending printer output to the printer.
NationalCharacterSet National character set
Determines how host characters (EBCDIC) are mapped to PC characters (ANSI). This setting should match the national character set used by your host system.
PrintEmulateFormFeed Emulate form feed with line feed
Simulates a form feed by issuing line feeds until the end of the page is reached.
PrintFlushOnEndOfJob Flush when End of Job record received
Closes an in-progress print job if an end-of-job condition is sent from the host.
PrintFormFeedOnEndOfJob Send form feed at end of job
Sends a form feed at the conclusion of host print jobs.
PrintTransparent Transparent mode
Ignores all page format settings ( Characters per line and Lines per page). Select this check box for printer-ready documents that require no page formatting.