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Create and Customize Sessions

Reflection provides a number of options for customizing and deploying sessions.

This article Describes
Create and Customize Session Documents How to create session document files and customize them to configure text input, appearance, macros, and other settings. This article also describes the advantages and of saving sessions in compound session document files that include all of these settings in a single file.
Create TLS or SSH Session Documents How to create secure session document files that include settings for SSL/TLS or SSH connections.
Set up Session Templates How to create a custom session template configured to use specific settings (for example, an SSL/TLS terminal session with a specific TLS level of encryption).
Configure Reflection for PKI Auto Sign-on How to use the PKI Auto Sign-on Add-On Client product with Reflection to allow the use of a Common Access Card (CAC) or other smart card for authentication.
Centrally Manage VBA Macros Shows two approaches for centrally managing VBA macros.