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Customize Workspace Settings Directly With Reflection

To customize workspace settings from Reflection

  1. Open the Workspace Settings dialog box.

    The steps depend on your user interface.

    User Interface Mode Steps
    Ribbon On the File menu or the Reflection button (if using the Office 2007 Look and Feel), choose Reflection Workspace Settings.
    Reflection Browser On the Reflection menu, choose Settings and then Reflection Workspace Settings.
    Mobile UI Tap the Gear icon and then select Reflection Workspace Settings.
  2. Under Workspace Settings, select the type of workspace setting you want to configure:

    Select this option To
    Configure Workspace Defaults Configure the actions to perform when the Reflection workspace opens or closes and preferences for automatically saving session document files.
    Configure Workspace Attributes Configure options for logging, running remote sessions, and displaying Help. You can also specify the user data directory, in which session documents and other related files are saved.
    Configure User Interface Configure which type of user interface to use (Reflection provides four interfaces), its look and feel, and other user interface options.
    Configure Centralized Management Set up the workspace to access sessions that are centrally managed on a Micro Focus MANAGEMENT_SECURITY_SERVER.
    Configure Usage Data Choose whether to participate in the Product Experience Improvement program.
  3. Change the settings as needed and then save them.

  4. Close and reopen Reflection and then verify the settings.

  5. To "lock down" these settings, see Control Access to Lock Down Settings and Controls.

  6. To package this file for deployment, see Package Configuration Files.


    These settings are saved in the Application.settings file. You can deploy this file to one of the following locations:

    Location for a single user: [AppDataFolder]\Micro Focus\Reflection\Desktop\v18.0

    where [AppDataFolder] is the full path of the Roaming folder for the current user. The default is C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\.

    Location for all users: [CommonAppDataFolder]\Micro Focus\Reflection\Desktop\v18.0

    where [CommonAppDataFolder] is the full path to application data for all users. The default is C:\ProgramData.

To find out more about configuring workspace settings, see Set up Workspace Settings.