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Move from Extra to Reflection

This guide includes key issues for system administrators to consider when you are preparing to deploy Reflection Desktop to an Extra! install base.

  • What is Similar? describes similar features and capabilities of Reflection and Extra!. The process for customizing sessions is similar and many of the custom files you created in Extra! can be imported into Reflection. You can also run and edit Extra! macros.

  • What has Changed? compares the new Reflection tools and processes with those of Extra! This includes packaging and deploying with the Reflection Installation and Customization Tool, locking down and changing the interface with Reflection's Permissions Manager tool, and using compound session document files that include many of your settings in a single file.

  • What is New? shows new capabilities of Reflection including flexibility in setting application (workspace) settings, new security features, and installer improvements. It also highlights other features, including the ability to decorate the screen with controls, map actions to events, and create Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and Express Macro Language (EML) macros.

  • Best Practices for Moving from Extra lists some things to check to make sure you avoid common problems and mistakes when you deploy Reflection.