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What is Similar

Micro Focus has put forth a lot of effort to make it easier for you to upgrade to Extra!

  • Reflection uses many of the same types of settings as Extra! and you'll find that many of the settings you configured for Extra! can be easily imported into Reflection, including session files, Hotspots, QuickPads, and keyboard maps.

  • You can heavily customize Reflection, just as you can with Extra!. Although the terminology for settings is a little different, you can configure most of the same types of custom settings you set in the Extra! Settings window in the Reflection Settings window.

  • You can use Reflection group policy templates to lock down Reflection, similar to how you use templates to lock down Extra!.

  • You can run and edit Extra! macros, although more modern languages and APIs are available, including: the Reflection Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications API, a .NET API, and the Express Macro Language.

  • You can deploy Reflection using group policy, MSI commands or deployment tools.

  • Although Reflection is configured by default to use a modern ribbon interface, you can configure it to use an alternate interface that is similar to Extra! to ease adoption for your users.

  • Some of the settings in the Extra! Global Preferences dialog box are available in the Reflection Workspace settings.