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Configure Information Privacy with Group policy

You can configure Information Privacy with the Installation Customization Tool or with Group Policy.

  1. Copy the following files to the central store as follows:

    Copy these files To
    ReflectionPCIDSS.admx and ReflectionWorkspace.admx in: ...\install_dir\Configuration\GroupPolicy\ADMX %systemroot%\PolicyDefinitions
    ReflectionPCIDSS.adml and ReflectionWorkspace.adml in: ...\install_dir\Configuration\GroupPolicy\ADMX\en-us `%systemroot%\PolicyDefinitions\
  2. Open the Group Policy Object Editor ( gpedit.msc).

  3. Under either the Computer Configuration or User Configuration branch, browse to Administrative Templates | Reflection Workspace | Information Privacy.

  4. In the Information Privacy panel, select and edit the policy settings.


    If you want to include the default regular expressions used for Custom Detection Rules and Custom Exception Expressions, you must add these expressions through the Group Policy editor.