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Requirements and Best Practices for Using Centralized Management

Requirements for Centralized Management

To use centralized management, your environment must meet the following requirements.

  • Reflection Desktop must be installed on the Administrative workstation and on user computers.

  • The users' Reflection Desktop clients must be configured to use Centralized Management as shown in Set up Reflection to Access a Centralized Management Server in the Reflection Help & HowTo Guide. If user workstations are not configured with this setting, you will need to configure and save this workspace setting and then deploy it to users (see Package Sessions and Custom Settings Files).

  • Java must be enabled in the browser you use to run the Administrative Console.

  • Management and Security Server (MSS) must be installed on one or more servers available over the network. You will need to know the administrative credentials to log onto the Management Server.

Best Practices for using Centralized Management

  • If your session uses associated settings (such as a theme or keyboard map file), be sure to select Send as compound session to include these settings. When you save the session as a compound file, all of the QuickPads, keyboard maps, themes, mouse maps, hotspots, and ribbons that apply to that session are saved in the session file. Compound files simplify the deployment process because you do not have to deploy these settings in separate files.


    Custom workspace settings are not saved in compound session document files. These settings are saved in other files that you will need to package and deploy separately.

  • Be sure to choose to store all settings files in a trusted location.