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Page Options Dialog Box for VT

How do I get to this dialog box?
  1. Open a terminal session.

  2. Open the Page Setup dialog box as follows:

    The steps depend on your user interface mode.

    • If you are using the Ribbon mode, on the File menu, mouse over Print, and then choose Page Setup.

    • If you are using the Classic mode, from the File menu, choose Page Setup.

  3. From the Page Setup dialog box, click the Page Options button.

Text format

Setting Description
Font The default font is a TrueType font called r_ansi, installed by Reflection. To change the printer font, select a new name from the Font box. Only those fonts supported by your printer are listed.
Note: You can print only using monospace TrueType fonts (also known as fixed pitched).
Use printer default font Select to speed up printing by using your printer's built-in font.
Print inverse video Select to print inverse screen text as inverse text; otherwise, inverse screen text is printed as normal text.
Note: Your print driver must support inverse-mode printing for this feature to work. This option is not available when Use printer default font is selected.
Fit font to page When cleared, Reflection considers limiting factors of height or width when determining font size. Printed fonts are always be correctly proportioned. However, the text may not fill the printed page. When selected, Reflection adjusts the height and width of the font based on the page size and the number of rows and columns on the page, so that text always fills the printed page.
• These adjustments may give the font a distorted appearance. To print the optimal amount of text per page, select the Auto row sizing check box.
• This option is not available when Use printer default font is selected.

Column dimensions

Setting Description
Columns per row Changing the number of columns is useful for printing wide reports.
Note: Changing the setting for Number of characters per row (from Document Settings> Set up Display Settings> Dimensions) automatically changes the printer columns.

Row dimensions

Setting Description
Rows per page If the value you select here exceeds what your printer can fit on one page (this number varies from printer to printer), Reflection prints the maximum number of lines it can fit on the page.
Auto row sizing Select to print the optimal number of rows that can fit onto a page, given the values you specified in the Page Setup and Page Options dialog boxes. If you change those values after selecting this option, Reflection automatically calculates a new optimal number of rows to be printed per page.

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