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Configure Clipboard Settings Dialog Box for VT

How do I get to this dialog box?
  1. Open the Settings window.

    The steps depend on your user interface mode.

    User Interface Mode Steps
    Ribbon or Reflection Browser With a session open in Reflection, from the Quick Access Toolbar, click .
    TouchUx Tap the Gear icon and then select Document Settings.
  2. Under Input Devices, select Configure Clipboard Settings.

Basic Editing Actions

Copy Options

Specify the behavior of copied text using the following options:

Copy Format

Setting Description
Line by line: Copies text on a line by line basis. All host formatting is retained.
Retain display format Retains formatting so that copied text is pasted in the same way as it is displayed in the terminal. When unselected, formatting is removed from copied text.
Unformatted data Copies text as data with no formatting. Carriage returns and line feeds are not copied.
Paragraph for word processing Copies text formatted for word processing. (Insert a space at the end of each line if required to prevent words from running together.) The selected text is treated as one or more paragraphs. A carriage return and a linefeed are inserted only before a blank line.

Copy Table Method

Copies text in a tabular format that can be opened in spreadsheets.


The Copy Format settings do not apply to text copied using the Copy Table Method.

There are two options for setting table columns:

Setting Description
Detect columns (using vertical spaces) Detects columns by analyzing the data and finding spaces that line up vertically on the page.
Replace multiple spaces or tabs: Sets columns by replacing multiple spaces or tabs with a single tab. If there is more than one space between words, the space is changed to a single tab character. Most spreadsheets and word processor tables interpret tab characters as cell separators. A single space remains a space when you copy the data, unless it is immediately followed by a numeric character (0-9, +, -. or.).

Paste Options

Specify the behavior of pasted text using the following options:

Setting Description
Paste buffer size This setting specifies the size of a paste block, which is the number of characters pasted from the clipboard to the terminal window before a pause occurs. Set the length of the pause with Paste delay.
Paste delay This setting specifies how many tenths of a second Reflection waits between paste blocks when pasting data from the clipboard into display memory. Set the size of the paste block with Paste buffer size.