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Simplify Migration and Support

Migrating from one desktop application to another is never easy. Migrations can be time consuming and resource intensive.

However, supporting multiple emulation products also puts an ongoing and unnecessary drain on valuable IT resources. The problem is determining how to standardize on a single solution, without losing the custom macros, keyboard maps, and settings files you've created over the years, and without disrupting your users' workflow. The solution is Reflection. You can successfully standardize on a Reflection single-emulation solution using the proven tools and services of Micro Focus.

Compatibility tools built into Reflection run competitive macros, keyboard maps, and settings files; thereby minimizing the risk of business disruption.

Reflection has deeper support for Windows than any competitive terminal emulation product. It also has broader security options, unique user productivity tools, and wide-ranging support for existing and emerging technologies. By providing Reflection to your emulation users, you'll allow them to take advantage of the powerful features, robust security, and Windows integration that they can't get anywhere else. Bottom line: Reflection is ready when you are.