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Getting Started

What are the Reflection Desktop requirements? What is supported?

For a list of Reflection Desktop hardware and software requirements, see System Requirements in the Deployment Guide.

How do I find out what's new in a release?

To find a description of the main features for a release, see the Release Notes.

Can I use Reflection to connect through iOS or another mobile device?

You can connect from your iOS, Windows, or Android mobile devices by accessing Reflection Desktop sessions through a Citrix server.

The Reflection TouchUx user interface mode provides a mobile user experience and includes an on-screen terminal keyboard that can be set as a transparent overlay or docked in a separate pane. To set this mode, see The User Interface in the Help. To deploy the application.settings file that includes this setting, see Customize the Reflection Workspace in the Deployment Guide.

Micro Focus also provides the Reflection for UNIX SSH Client App on the Apple store to support terminal emulation in mobile environments:

For browser-based HTML5 access to host sessions, see the Host Access for the Cloud product.

Where is the Reflection MSI located in the download package?

The Reflection MSI is located in the root folder of the package.

If you are installing with the MSI directly, be sure to install the prerequisite software as shown in Deploy with MSI in the Deployment Guide.

Can I install the API without the desktop client?

You cannot install API components of Reflection Desktop separately from the Reflection Desktop product.

Can I install the Reflection Desktop as part of a server-based application?

Reflection Desktop cannot be used as a component of a server-based application that provides connections to host systems for multiple users. Micro Focus licensing terms specifically prohibit this type of usage. Reflection Desktop is a standard Windows application designed for a single end user at a time, and would not perform well in a server environment.

Why would I use Reflection deployment tools if I deploy with MSI?

You can use these tools to create transforms and packages of configuration files (see Create or Modify a Transform).

You can also use them to limit access to features as shown in Control Access to “Lock Down” Settings and Controls.

You can deploy the transforms and MSI packages that you create with the Reflection administrative tools directly with MSI.

How can I deploy MSI plus an MSP?

Apply the MSP to your administrative installation point as shown in Apply Software Updates in the Deployment Guide.

Then redeploy to workstations using the same method you used to deploy Reflection.