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Deployment Commands

How do I perform a silent install?

To use Setup to perform a silent install that displays a progress bar and disables the Cancel button, enter:

setup.exe /install /passive

To perform a silent install with no display, enter:

setup.exe /install /quiet

How do I apply a transform from the Setup command line?

To apply a transform, enter:

setup.exe /install TRANSFORMS=myCustomInstall .mst

Do settings files get changed when Reflection is deployed or upgraded?

If you are upgrading or updating from older versions of Reflection Desktop, settings files are not changed. If you want to change settings, you’ll need to package and deploy them as a separate MSI file.

How do I deploy with Group Policy?

You can use Reflection deployment tools to create transforms and packages (companion msi files) and then publish them to your users. (See Publish with Active Directory.)

Reflection also provides templates that you can use to lock down settings and controls. (See Control Access to Settings and Controls with Microsoft Group Policy.)