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Configure your Micro Focus application to Authenticate Using the Key Agent

If your your Micro Focus application application supports Secure Shell connections, you can use this procedure to configure it to authenticate using the Key Agent.

To configure your Micro Focus application to authenticate using a key in the agent

  1. Add a private key to the Key Agent, or import a certificate.

  2. Configure the host:

    If you are authenticating Do this
    Using keys Upload the public key.
    Using certificates Install the CA certificate on the host and configure the host for user authentication with certificates. (Refer to your Secure Shell server documentation for more information.)
  3. Launch your your Micro Focus application application that supports Secure Shell connections and open the Reflection Secure Shell Settings dialog box.

  4. From side menu, select the User Authentication section, make sure that Public Key is selected. If you want to ensure that only public key authentication is used, clear the other options.

  5. From the side menu, select User Keys. In the Key Agent section of the dialog select Allow Agent Forwarding. The keys and certificates in the Reflection Key Agent are included in the list of available keys.

  6. In the User Keys list view, select the key(s) or certificate(s) you want to use to authenticate to the currently specified host, and select OK.


  • Secure Shell settings are saved in your Secure Shell configuration file and apply to a specific SSH configuration scheme. (If you don't specify a scheme, settings apply to all connections to the current host.)
  • You do not need to repeat the client configuration steps for new connections using the same SSH configuration scheme (or host name).