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Locking Down the User Interface

How do I get to this dialog box?
  • From the Reflection installation folder, run AccessConfig.exe.

Use Permissions Manager to restrict access to Reflection features. After you select the features you want to disable, your specifications are saved in .access files that you can deploy to users.


You can restrict access to Reflection controls only on systems on which the Windows User Access Control (UAC) is enabled. If the UAC is disabled, the configuration settings that restrict access do not apply.

Permissions Manager displays groups of configurable items.The following reference topics provide a brief description for each item.

Actions Group
3270 Terminal Groups Workspace Groups
Clipboard Api Security
Connection\TN3270 Advanced Application Options
Connection\TN3270 Basic Application Sounds
Terminal\Configuration\3270 PCI DSS
5250 terminal Groups Privacy Filter
Clipboard Trusted Locations
Connection\TN5250 Advanced UX Configuration
Connection\TN5250 Basic
VT terminal Groups Document Groups
Clipboard Classic
Connection Hotspots
Safeguards Keyboard
Terminal Mouse
6530 terminal Groups Productivity Groups
Clipboard Productivity
Connection\Security AutoComplete
Connection\Security\SSH AutoExpand
Connection\Security\SSL Office
Connection\TN6530\Advanced RecentTyping
Connection\TN6530Basic ScreenHistory
Input Devices\AID SpellCheck
Productivity\RecentTyping Security Groups
Terminal\Configuration\6530 Security\PKI
Terminal\Configuration\DisplaySettings Security\TLS

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