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Display Setup Options for Reflection HP

HP Terminal > Setup > Display > Options

Window Title

Use this option to customize the name of your Reflection for HP window. You can enter text and/or any of the following special characters:

Character Description
&a The local IP address
&c Connected or not connected
&d Date (in the format set by Windows)
&f Settings file name or "Untitled"
&h Host name
&i Instance number of Reflection for HP
&l Layout file name
&n Full product name
&r Reflection
&s Session name
&t Transport type (port name)
&u Product name
&v Product version number
&y Terminal type
&& Ampersand (that is, use two && to produce one &)

Time Connected

Displays a time counter on the status bar that shows the time you have been connected in hours, minutes, and seconds (

Slash Zeros

Specifies whether zeros displayed in the terminal window contain slashes (like this: Ø). Selecting this option may make it easier to work with numeric data.