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Display Setup Screen for Reflection HP

HP Terminal > Setup > Display > Screen

Set display options, such as the number of rows and columns, cursor type, scrolling attributes, and other display attributes.

Setting Description
Columns Sets the width of the scrolling region in the terminal window. You can select 80 or 132; or use the spin box to specify any value between 80 and 999.
Memory Blocks (8K Each) Display memory contains both the information visible on the display and information that has scrolled off of the display. This box sets the amount of memory you want to allocate to display memory. The default setting is for 9 blocks of 8 kilobytes each, or 72K of display memory.
The number of bytes you are currently using is calculated on each character of text; you'll have more "pages" of display memory when your text lines do not run all the way out to the right margin.
The default value holds approximately 22 pages of display memory when each line is exactly 80 characters long.
Scrolling Smooth scrolling limits the speed at which new lines appear on the screen. Jump scrolling allows lines to be displayed as quickly as they are received from the host.