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Export and Transform XML for Reflection HP

HP Terminal > File > Import and Export

You can export and import Reflection for HP content using XML, including Reflection settings, data in the terminal window, and data in display memory. You can also use available options to transform this raw XML data into formatted data in the file type of your choice. As an example, you could specify that data in Reflection's terminal window be transformed to a text file. This would mean choosing the "Transform terminal screen to text.xsl" option.

The Export and Transform XML dialog box includes the following options:

Setting Description
Source XML Specify which type of Reflection data should be the source for the XML to be generated.
Transform Select Transform to translate the source using the stylesheet of your choice. Use the Browse button to view available transforms. Select Export only to save the source settings into an xml file whose name you type into the Results file box.
Arguments Use this option to supply parameters to transform files that accept or require arguments (Filter exported Reflection XML Settings.xsl and Transform mappings to text.xsl).