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Page Options for Reflection HP

HP Terminal > File > Page Setup > Page Options

Setting Description
Columns per Row Enter a value from 10 to 999 (or select one of the standard options, 80 or 132). The printer columns automatically change when you change the number of Columns (on the Screen tab of the Display Setup dialog box).
Fit Font to Page This check box is unavailable when Use printer default font is selected.
When Fit font to page is cleared, printed fonts will always be correctly proportioned, but the text may not fill the printed page. When this check box is selected, Reflection adjusts the font's height and width, so that text always fills the printed page.
Auto Row Sizing When this check box is selected, Reflection prints the optimal number of rows that can fit onto a page, given the parameters you specified in the Page Setup and Page Options dialog boxes for Paper, Orientation, Text format, Column dimensions, and Row dimensions.
When the Auto row sizing check box is cleared, Reflection prints the number of rows per page specified in the Rows per page box.