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Print Setup for Reflection HP

HP Terminal > File > Print Setup

Use the Print Setup dialog box to control printer settings that apply only to Reflection for HP.

Setting Description
Bypass Windows Print Driver By selecting this check box, you can send raw data (including printer control escape codes) directly to your printer. Output is sent to the printer immediately, instead of waiting for a whole page of information, and the Windows printing interface is bypassed.
If you're bypassing Windows printing to a PostScript printer, the results may not be what you expect. PostScript printers are controlled by PostScript commands, which are typically sent to the printer from a PostScript printer driver. When you bypass this driver, one of two things will happen.
• Some printers have built-in PostScript codes that are used when no driver can be found; so your output prints in the font determined by the printer's defaults.
• If your printer depends on the driver for PostScript codes, then nothing (not even a blank page) will be printed when you select this check box.
Disable Printer Translation This check box appears dimmed unless Bypass Windows print driver is selected.
Select Disable printer translation to disable any character translation and to print characters exactly as they come from the host—no character set translation is made from the host character set to the PC character set. You should disable character translation if the host already generates characters in the correct character set for your printer, and your printer is not configured for the default IBM PC code page 437 character set.
The Disable printer translation check box has little, if any, effect on screen printing or logging. When Reflection receives characters from the host, it automatically converts these characters to the ANSI character set before displaying them in Windows.