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Safeguards for Reflection HP

HP Terminal > Setup > Safeguards

Setting Description
Host name Use this option to control whether host names will be saved with your host connections or connect macros. By default, the host name you provide for this host session is saved in the settings file. Clear this check box to prevent the host name from being saved into the settings file or recorded in a macro.
Passwords (using weak encryption) Use this option to control whether passwords should be saved with host connections or in connect macros. Saving a password in a recorded script means the password is encoded and not visible when a macro is examined. The preferred solution is to use Secure Shell public keys.

When this setting is changed it takes effect only for new macros and does not automatically update pre-existing Reflection for HP macros. To update a macro, re-record it with the Passwords option set to the value you wish saved in the macro.
Note: It is not possible to manually edit the password value in a macro and retain the encrypted state.
Clear display and scrollback buffer Use this option to have Reflection delete all data from display memory when a session is disconnected from the host.
Clear Clipboard Use this option to delete all data from Windows Clipboard when exiting Reflection.
Note: Reflection will remove data from the Clipboard even where the data was saved from a different application.